Saturday, August 25, 2018

National Dog Day

August 26th is National Dog Day! The purpose of National Dog Day is to honor and celebrate dogs and also to remind the public of how many dogs need to be rescued from a local shelter or rescue organization.

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Dog Day:

1. Adopt or foster a dog from a local animal shelter or rescue organization.
2. Donate items, money or time to a local animal shelter or rescue organization.
3. Have a National Dog Day party and invite your friends and their dogs.
4. Buy your dog a new toy, dog treat, dog collar and leash.
6. Give your dog a good brushing and spa massage treatment.
7. Take your dog to a local dog park or dog beach.
8. Teach your dog a new trick. 
9. Spend your day taking pictures of your dog and giving him/her extra love and attention.

How will you celebrate National Dog Day?

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